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    For more than 30 years, Mr. McLeroy has provided effective and creative legal solutions to clients throughout Northeast Texas and beyond. As a double Board Certified litigator, in the specialty areas of both Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law, Mr. McLeroy has successfully managed a large docket of active files including products liability defense throughout the southeastern United States for a major manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, as well as personal injury accident cases and construction and business disputes.

    Additionally, throughout the years, Mr. McLeroy has been called upon to represent parties in many domestic relations matters including divorces as well as the representation of both parents and children in Child Protective Service matters. Mr. McLeroy has mediated more than 650 civil cases including construction disputes, business conflicts, partnership dissolutions, estate contests, personal injury cases, product liability cases, governmental liability cases and family and divorce matters. Qualified as a mediator through the Attorneys Mediator Institute since 1994 and as a family law mediator through the Dallas Dispute Resolution Center since 1996, beginning in 2014, Mr. McLeroy has focused his private practice almost exclusively on providing mediation services.

    More than 90% of the mediations conducted by Mr. McLeroy through the years have successfully resolved the dispute. As part of his mediation strategy, Mr. McLeroy strives in each case to meet and know clients and counsel and to actively learn the respective stories and investigate the material issues. At each mediation, time is taken and care given in developing the substantive issues, the evidence, the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s story and to engage with the competing narratives: affirming, challenging, pushing, and reframing. Mr. McLeroy’s underlying philosophy in mediation is that by deepening the understanding through facilitated conversation between the parties, a thoughtful and empathetic mediator can frame solutions that are creative, flexible and acceptable.


    Cases We Mediate

    Family Mediation

    Family mediation is a tool for resolving difficult legal disputes that are very personal. It is often used in divorce negotiations, but can be helpful for any type of dispute that arises within a family.


    Personal Injury Mediation

    Mediation is frequently used in personal injury disputes. It is one of the most effective ways to resolve a claim and offers many benefits.


    Will Contests

    Will contests can be extremely painful. Not only must a family deal with the loss of a loved one, they are also forced to settle a legal dispute during an emotional time. Mediation can be extremely effective in resolving situations such as this. It not only makes the process of settling the contest more efficient, it has the ability to preserve important family relationships.


    Business Disputes

    Disputes are one of the most frustrating aspects of business. They have the ability to damage beneficial relationships, cost companies time, money, and other resources, and have a bearing on the reputation of a business. Disputes hashed out in the public arena of a courtroom tend to create the most chaos and long-term damage.


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    Mr. McLeroy has mediated many cases for our firm. He is always accommodating to all parties. Because of his expertise and knowledge, we are able to get many cases settled without further litigation.

    Jill Major
    Paralegal to Larry Blount

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