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Will Contest Mediation in Sulphur Springs and Rockwall, Texas

Will contests can be extremely painful.  Not only must a family deal with the loss of a loved one, they are also forced to settle a legal dispute during an emotional time.  Mediation can be extremely effective in resolving situations such as this.  It not only makes the process of settling the contest more efficient, it has the ability to preserve important family relationships. 

There is no denying that losing a loved one is difficult, but when there are issues among survivors regarding a loved one’s last will and testament, that loss is even more tragic.  Families are supposed to move forward together after a loss, allowing the experience to create an even deeper bond.  But when their grief is overshadowed by a legal dispute, they become pitted against one another and act as enemies. 

Finding a way to resolve a will contest as quickly and painlessly as possible is essential.  Mediation can help. 

Settling a will contest in court puts an end to the dispute, but it can destroy a family. Mediation prevents this.  It eases the long-term effects and resolves the issue at hand.  The process relies on the guidance of a neutral third party who gathers together the disputing parties and helps them have a focused, productive discussion about the issues.  The best mediators help families put aside their differences and resolve the issue in the best possible way. 

Working with an experienced mediator to facilitate a will contest mediation is essential to success.  Working with someone who understands the benefits of mediation and who has familiarity with the laws governing your circumstances makes the entire experience easier on everyone.

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